Pool Construction ALYour Three Pool Construction Options

Vinyl Liner Pools – this is the least expensive option for an in-ground pool in Alabama.  They are also the least durable and will need new liners installed in 6 to 12 years.

Fiberglass Pool Shells – Price varies greatly.  Some are quite inexpensive, while others can rival large custom pools in price.  Very durable and very common, but also have the most problems with poor installations.  Many excavators and DIY home owners get themselves in trouble by underestimating the difficulty of installation.  If your budget limits you to the fiberglass pool option, consider our friends over at Price’s AL

Plaster/Concrete/Shot-crete/Gunite Pools – These pools cover the mid to upper price ranges.  The durability is great and you have no limits in shape, size, or color.  This is the style of pool that we build.

You will always find a crew of qualified and professional pool builders with Baxter-Douglas AL

Our affiliated swimming pool contractors have been chosen to perform work of the highest standard on every new pool site.  Consistent with our reputation, our contractors have many years of experience building some of the finest custom pools in the state.

From concept to completion our pool builders will guide you to the pool of your dreams.   Your design consultation  will assist in all aspects of the design process.  Sometimes it may be difficult to appreciate what certain pool shapes and color will look best in your backyard.  Let our experienced pool contractors show you the different options and find which work best for you.  We will ensure the construction of your pool is completed with ease.

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